Agaskodo Teliverek


Agaskodo Teliverek (Rearing Stallions in Hungarian) used to just be one bloke, Miki Kemecsi, playing frantic electronic music outside Aldwych tube station (apparently). Over the years though Miki has bought in other members to create the Agaskodo Teliverek we know today. They play guitars in a Dick Dale, Shadows style, but with the most absurd electronic backing music, which they have termed “Psycho Goulash”. The first album was good, especially ‘Topass’ the collaboration with The Rebel. Their latest album however has Hiroe Takei, a crazy, hyperactive, Japanese bird on vocals.

They have been playing a lot of parties and underground clubs in Shoreditch for the last couple of years and show no sign of stopping. You should be seeing a lot more of these guys in the next year or so, but maybe I’m just completely wrong.

This is the Gay Hussar video, the first single off of the latest album Psycho Goulash.

Posted on August 27, 2009 in Bands, Music

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