Shameless is nang.


In the short space of a year Shameless has become Brighton’s biggest and best midweek club night.

From the underage 17 year olds dancing downstairs to the yummy mummies sipping their half price COCKtails upstairs, Shameless is enjoyed by all.


Upstairs Chaos In Shoes and Dynamite Sal take turns to serve up a platter of tasty electro with some indie classics on the side.

Downstairs in the sweat-pit that is Audio, DJ Nause and C-Dogg keep the crowd pumping with anything and everything from ironic 90’s dance to Wu-Tang, Madonna to Metronomy. No choon is ever mixed properly, just dropped in a crude but somehow perfect mess.

The thing that makes Shameless so popular though, especially to poverty stricken students is the weekly raffle. Entry is merely a pound, and that’s all you have to pay to be in with a chance to win the £500 jackpot.


Words by Lutworth

Photos by Milo Belgrove

Posted on August 18, 2009 in Clubs, Music, Reviews

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