Wet Dog at Offset 2009

London three-piece, all girl group, Wet Dog make seriously good raucous punk pop music. With hypnotizing drums, dirty bass at its best and some blatant half jabbered lyrics, this is the perfect recipe for a spiffing sound.
Why Wet Dog? Maybe because backwards it says Tew God. Is this a subliminal suggestion that there is not one god but two? A Good god and bad god. Hmmm?
With an obvious influence from The Slits and The Country Teasers, these three casually glamorous ladies are clearly able to put the whammy on.
The repetitive and quarrelsome vocals in the song ‘alibi’ are reminiscent of Agaskodo Teliverek’s ‘gay hussar’; two ladies with powerful vocals which seem to enthral you.
Purposely raw, and naive in form, Wet Dog would certainly not benefit form an over produced day at the studio. Best seen live, as they come. Go see them NOW.

From Left to Right; Billy, Sarah and Rivka. The girl at the back isn’t in the band.

We chatted to Billy, Rivka and Sarah, just minutes after their performance at Offset 2009.

Lutworth: Sophie Politowicz, Ben Wallers wife. She used to be in your band, what happened?

Billy: She used to be me, and now I’m her.

Lutworth: Why did she leave?

Rivka: She’s a fucking nightmare to work with.

Lutworth: Really?

Billy: (Laughs) No, it was over artwork.

Lutworth: Really?

Billy: No.

Japelling: Do you feel you have an affiliation with all-female bands?

Billy: I like 3 piece bands, especially the sparsity you get in a 3 piece. I would defiantly say I prefer 3 girls singing together than 3 guys.

Japelling: Who in particular, like your influences etc?

Billy: Argh! That’s terrifying. You tell me yours.

Japelling: That’s not how this interview shall be conducted.

Billy: Oh okay. Destiny’s child, All Saints.

Rivka: TLC.

Billy: Oh defiantly TLC, they are actually the best, remember.

Rivka: Yeah.

Billy: No scrubs is my favourite.

Rivka: I like the bangles.

Japelling: There where 4 members in the bangles I think.

Billy: Really?

Japelling: Yes, we only accept female groups with three members. So…that’s not accepted. What you guys up to in the near future?

Billy: Were going on tour with the Slits in October. Which is amazing because they were the inspiration for our new album. Which comes out beginning of December.

Rivka: 30th November

Billy: Okay, 30th of November. And a single coming out 12th October

Japelling: The twelfth. That’s my favourite number.

Lutworth: Are you playing in Brighton anytime soon?

Billy: Yes, were playing twice in one night. 10th of October, were playing at the Concorde 2 with the slits and also at the free butt with another band.

Japelling: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Billy: Um. Can we email you?

Japelling: You can. How long have you been together as a band?

Billy: A few years.

Japelling: To the nearest second?

Billy: About, 2 years.

Japelling: What do you think was the sole purpose of getting together? was it just a bit of fun, or did you want to do something in particular?

Rivka: It was a bit of fun and we wanted to do lots and lots and lots of female harmonies.

Billy: And we achieved it through pure determination.

Japelling: That’s what they say on x factor and x factor is amazing. You guys should take some influence from x factor.

Billy: We aim to take part in x factor

Japelling: Well let me know if you’re going to be on, because they sometimes call me up to be on the panel and I’m always busy and can’t do it. Is there anything musically that your band wants to crush?

Billy: Yes.

At that point Good Shoes started to play and the girls left. Check them out here.

Introduction: Lyrical B

Interview: Japelling and Lutworth

Additional: Murley Bassey

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