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The Man

The Smack That Magazine was conjured up by ‘The Man’ – the talentless Mister Everyman Esquire. He dreamed a bad magazine. He is in charge, his word is FINAL. Please send contributions to the FRONT DESK reception area smoking departure lounge, for consideration. Equally any ideas, feedback etcetera will be considered for publication. Copyright becomes ours, all ours, unless some deal is struck. Oh, we don’t know.

Smack That is one of Brighton’s newest publishing houses, founded by ‘The Man’ in 2000 and nine. Home to authors such as Murley Bassey, Hulk Rogan, Lutworth and Flaaars, our aim remains to publish the very best literary writers, artistic artists, musical musicians and thoughtful thinkers from around the town, from Them and Them.

At this site you can read more about us, learn what’s new, meet our authors, read about Smacker’s, browse our titles and download our monthly treats, Smacks. Please subscribe. It’s free.

“I didn’t come into politics to change the Labour Party. I came into politics to change the country”.
— Tony Blair

“Please don’t look at the part of the glass that is only half full.”
— George W Bush

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